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How Mann Builders Started

With beginnings in the Midwest, Mann Builders uprooted from Indiana and moved its family operations to Colorado in 2005. Lead by father-son duo Phillip and Dave Mann, the company maintains generations of master builder skills and knowledge.

What Is a Master Builder?

A master builder is a skilled tradesperson with the ability to build a home from start to finish without prefabricated materials. They perform work to the highest quality as a design-build professional, applying theory of design and executing the build. In modern society, master builder skills are rare. Most builders have limited knowledge in various areas of the building process and hire out specialists to complete these tasks. A master builder has the ability to complete every step of the building process with a high level of craftsmanship.

How Mann Builders Is Different

Mann Builders brings generations of building experience to every project. What this means to the homeowner is that as project managers, Philip and Dave Mann provide assiduous attention to detail and project oversight. On a building site, they supervise others to ensure quality craftsmanship and avoid costly errors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure a quality job?

Being on the job site is the number one most important thing. People who hire subcontractors are not there making sure everything is done correctly. One error in the beginning phases of the project can cause errors in every step following. They are on the job site at least once a day and often multiple times a day.

What is the process?

Contact Mann Builders by calling 812-219-9736 or through our contact form to schedule a consultation. We are eager to discuss your project and answer your project questions.

What steps of the project does Mann Builders manage?

We work with the architect and engineers, guide in selecting the finishes, hire the subcontractors, order materials,  and ensure high quality work.

What is your education?

Dave Mann holds a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in Business Administration.

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